Online Therapy & Coaching

To live a creative life, we have to lose our fear of being wrong.
— Joseph Chitlon Pearce

Online Therapy and Coaching:

Online therapy is when you interact with a therapist over the internet.  This may occur through video conference, online chat, telephone or through email.  I offer online therapy video conferencing that occurs in real time along with online chat.

You may consider online therapy or coaching if you:

  • Live in a rural area and there is not a choice of therapists within a reasonable distance.
  • Busy professionals who travel a lot or have an erratic schedule.
  • Individuals who are housebound. (Age, disability or other issue.)
  • You are over 18 years old.  (Will consider 14 years and older after consult with youth and parent.)

You are not a candidate for online therapy:

  • You are suicidal or a threat to others.
  • You have serious thoughts about hurting yourself or others.
  • Your current situation or mental health diagnosis requires you to need a higher level of care or more intense treatment.
  • You are not comfortable with computers.

Illinois Residents:

For residents in Illinois, video conferencing is very similar to meeting with me in my office.  The first couple of sessions are assessment and discussing goals.  Then we would meet and discuss issues just like in the office.  

Residents residing outside of Illinois:

Most states require providers to be licensed in the state the client is, at the time of service.  This restricts my practice to Illinois and some international venues.  I am available to consult on a specific issue you may have on a 1 or 2 time basis but am unable to provide ongoing therapy.


Sessions are all confidential.  I utilize HIPAA compliant video and chat. Confidentiality is the same as in office therapy.  Exceptions to confidentiality include if you seem to be a danger to yourself, a danger to someone else or about the abuse of a minor or other protected person.


Please check your insurance to see if they cover online counseling.  A few insurance companies do allow for teletherapy.  

My current online fees:

45 - 52 minutes online video conferencing – $100

53-60 minutes online video conferencing - $130

Email and Journal Therapy - 2 email/journal exchanges - $50.00

Once your appointment is set I will provide you information on making payment.


The universe does not give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions.
— Dr. Steve Maraboli